About Tim Nibert

Hi. I'm Tim. I'm a hacker with a love of messing around with technology. I first installed Debian Linux and taught myself C in 2004, and haven't looked back since. Of all of the dark arts, programming is the one that has come closest to my heart. It is the closest thing our world has to magic, dealing with pure thought stuff and turning it into something with real world effects. I find programs to be incredible marvels of structure and action. I enjoy this field and continually seek to learn new things and build my abilities.

I started my first IT business in 2008 where I mastered repair, networking, virology, and consulting. I connected with both home and business clients, identified and met their needs, and maintained relationships over time. While I operated this company, I studied and continued to hack and program. I did this until I moved to Australia in 2016 and started releasing software under the banner of Iron Lotus Studios.

Currently my day job is in 62304 compliant medical device software. This involves a broad software ecosystem spreading over domains from Python web application development to IVF automation and embryo analysis. When I have evening and weekend time, I develop software for Iron Lotus and contribute to other open source projects. For some of my other work, please take a look at my GitHub.

Outside of software, I enjoy practicing martial arts and going out in nature. I think that these principles are a good way to live a life.

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